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IMA Ethics Series: Web of Deception

IMA Ethics Series: Web of Deception

<P>The <EM>IMA Educational Case Journal</EM> study provides learners with the opportunity to study the A-12 stealth bomber program, the largest government project to ever get cancelled. In the "A-12 Stealth Bomber: Escalating Commitment to a Failing Project," learners will also delve into the elements of an ethical dilemma and study the stakeholders and background of the case. They will explore alternatives and consequences using the <EM>IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice</EM>, IMA's Resolution of Ethical Conflict, and the Department of Defense's Joint Ethics Regulation. A case author and two ethics speakers provide video commentary. Earn 2 NASBA CPE. This product will be valid for&nbsp;one year&nbsp;from purchase date.</P>

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